Doubt from electrostatics


Q. Which of the following donot depend on the choice of zero potential or zero potential energy ?

question no 8 C

For question no 4 V(x)=\frac{kqd}{x(d-x)}
Where d is distance b/w A&B
Now find V'(x) using sign scheme you will see that V(x) is decreasing then increasing

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Potential at a point and potential energy of a two-charge system do not depend on the choice of zero potential .

Here all the charges have same magnitude.

Bro for this q3 ans is given that none options are correct.

Yes ,i also did this but answer is given BD

Yes bro share solution

Bro for question no 3 no option is correct as
Clearly you can see in the pic that if E=0 that does not imply V=0
And if V=0 does not imply E=0

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@Satyendra_2019 bro please tell how you solved Q8

Potential due a charge q At a distance R from it , given by \displaystyle \frac{q}{4π \epsilon_0 R}=\frac{ΔW}{q}
Given figure is a half circle

Bro why you didn't calculate potential at point P and then Va-Vp, Vb-Vp..etc ?

Assume p is at very far distance from the q charge

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