Doubt from electrical capacitance

Q) If the area of a plate of a parallel plate capacitor is halved. Would this device act as capacitor ?

Yes it will act as capacitor but energy will change

Why? As I am halving only a single plate rather than both plate

Because even if we take plate of how much area doesn't depend it will act as capacitor. It depends on area,distance between plates and dielectric medium.

what about charges. Will they be equal ?

You are saying area to decrease half .
It means decreasing area of each plate to half .
It never means removing one plate.
Even if you remove one plate it also behave as a capacitor (by assuming other plate is at infinity)

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I m saying area of "a" plate not plates

Ok if you half area of a plate, then effective capacitance will be C/2.

Ok. I got it's answer.
It will not act as capacitor now because in a parallel plate capacitor , area of both plates must be same and here in this case area of one plate is 'A' and of other is 'A/2' therefore charge will not distribute equally and capacitance becomes zero.

Capacitance will be half of original capacitance.