Doubt from definite integration

Question 6,7,8,9 and 10 i have also put my method of question 6 but didnt able to go forward

Pls write question clearly and repost

Which question

Pls post qustion one after not all together but only one at a time

Question 3 and question 6

Ok...let me try

Question 7 and 8

Ok let me try

Question 9 and 10 all questions are of mypat fiitjee chapter test questions

7- 10 ans value of k

Which question is this answer

Yes correct show your method or tell how to do

actully 3 mthd i know first complex number
2-little algebra 3-algebra which you want complex or algebra

Algebra will be better

wait i will post..


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At age of 11th class how you know integration and specially advanced level these questions are not actual jee level little higher level

and most of other question can be done by beta function concept easily will see them tommrow...

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You can also apply directly wali's formula after I2

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Q9 i think some error...

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Q10 if we know p/q then how we find p-q
However i tried to solve pls check .I have usedbeta function