Doubt from definite integration


See my final result after this i think you can integrate 15728726825191263671829187242440 15728727480222871456513002127915


I think we can multiply and divide by some trignometric ratio to reduce into easy form

Pls check the answer...Screenshot_2019-11-04-19-12-13-1


Nice method i was right after 2nd step i made it long

15730438737162974384572210963587 D part what is b i am not able to get cotinverse of tan^2x

if answer is 1 then there will be arctan in place of arccot or if it is in arccot then there will be cot^2x in place of tan^2x @abhijit_2020

Answer is -1

divide N^{r} and D^{r} by cos^{4}x and then put tan^{2}x = t and then integrate u will end up with tan^{-1}(tan^{2}x) and in form of arccotx it will be \pi \over 2 - cot^{-1}(tan^{2}x)