Doubt from d-block elements

Pls give detailed explaination...

Is it B and D?

Iam not sure of the ans as this pic was taken months back.......

Pls share you reason @Ankith_2020

In acidic medium Mn+7 of KMnO4 has tendency to get reduce from +7 to +2 OS. While in base medium it only get reduced to +4. Similarly in acidic medium K2Cr2O7 get reduced to Cr+3 while in basic or neutral medium it remain in its original +6 OS . Hence it should be B and D.


Thanks @Ankith_2020

Sorry for a mistake in #post4 . I want to correct it . In basic medium KMnO4 has tendency to be in +6 OS as K2MnO4 and in neutral medium it is in +4 OS as MnO2.

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