Doubt from coordination compounds

Question 170 answer key says option C but solution says D ?

C is correct. There will be 2 stereoisomers. the complex has tetrahedral shape with 4 diff. ligands so it will be O.A.

D is incorrect. No of GI=0 but no. of OI = 2.

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Question 178 in this i am getting option D but and key says option B but after looking at solution i understand there is a mistake in question first compund in solution have taken as [Co(Nh3)3(No2)3]Cl2

Question 190 what is bcac in option A and acac in option C

Don’t know about bcac but acac is acetylacetone

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bcac is benzoyl acetonato structure similar to acac just one methyl group replaced by phenyl group


Question 195 what are the products of these reactions

Question 199

I think answer will be b i.e q because it's square planar rest of you look at EDTA 4- is hexadentate
Zn2+ doesn't has empty d orbital so it can only form sp3 and Pt+4 will form octahedral complex with en of type M(A-A)3 type so it will show optical activity

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for 199 5 will be correct

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