Doubt from coordination compounds

For 19 I got C

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What's the answer for 18 is it C @abhijit_2020

See these both are stable (according to EAN)

No for 18th it is D

No bro I think it should be either C or B
As 5x+y+2z=10
Solutions: (1,1,2)=4

Ok answer key may be wrong.

Due need solution or you already solved it
I am asking because I write it in very ugly

I need solution

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Do distinguishing tests between various isomers of coordination compounds needs to be studied ?

Isn't the trans isomer wrongly represented in this example ?

There are 10 classification each of both geometrical and optical isomers of coordination complexes in ks verma, do we need to study all ?

Which is correct [Cr3+(gly)3] or [Co3+(gly)3] ? Here mentioned another but isomers drawn of another ?