Doubt from Coordination Compounds

Q 1

Charge on NO and Fe in brown ring complex is fixed at +1 and thus EAN value is also fixed at 37.
If suppose we changed charge on NO as Zero then OS of Fe will be +2 then EAN will 36.
So it should be A.

Even my answer was same but given answer is B

May be it is experimental.
My inorganic tutor said that charge on Fe is +1 assigned to satisfy experimental dipole moment . May be EAN is also experimental and charge is distributed to satisfy EAN and dipole moment..

Yeah, it can be true. As I can't doubt J D Lee

I think you are missing the fact that NO neutral donate 3 electron instead of 2 so EAN does not change

Usually donation of electron takes place in pairs..
Btw your reasoning seems correct explanation of this problem.