Doubt from coordination chemistry

How to check hybridization of
( Ni(PPh3) 2Cl2) as both strong and weak ligands are there

Answer is 3

Hybridisation will decide on the basis of pph3. Square planar.


See in spectrochemical series Cl is far-far way from pph3.
Ni(+2) has d(8) electronic configuration it will pair the unpair electrons.

Is it always true if there is a strong ligand and a weak ligand than we do according to strong ligand?

Yeah if difference between ligand is more in spectrochemical series.
See in Inorganic chemistry there is a lots of exceptional
Learn these points.
CO and weak ligand will always form tetrahedral with coordination no 4
CN will always form square planar with coordination no 4
If you wants more short trick to remember hybridisation please let me know.

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Do share if you have some short tricks.

See for coordination no 6

Transition metal of period 4 onward will have d2sp3 hybridisation irrespective of ligand.

If central metal is fe, Ni,Zn and ligand is NH3 then treat this Ligand as a weak ligand.

#if metal is Pd, Pt and coordination number is 4 always form dsp2 irrespective of ligand.