Doubt from coordinate geometry

Question 59

Question no 68 too

Do u have solution for first i think may be some misprint in problm from where we have to make tangent i think 1 point should be given nd 2 tangent we can draw outside point and one tangent is tangent at vertex i am not sure is this question correct??
@Hari_Shankar sir is problem correct??

If we draw tangent all will be variable how we can get equation of circle
@abhijit_2020 kindly confirm

But i can see only see this tomorrow as we can't see solution till test window ends and it will end today 12 am

Till then tell about second question

For 2nd it is just asking no. of square in 9x9 square grid

Then how to find then

Sum of squares till 9 =285

For MxN grid no. of square is MxN + (M-1)x(N-1) + (M-2)x(N-2)+...

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Question 59 solution is saying

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That is a geometric property satisfied by a parabola

it has asked square of any size and answer is given 825 this could also be possible

Yes,my mistake