Doubt from Compounds containing nitrogen

Example 1 :

Example 2 :

Example 3 :

Plz do mention mechanism of reactions .

Is the answer for Ex 1 option (1)

For example 2, it is an example of Liberman nitroso reaction

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Example 1 , ans. given is option 3

What is the source.?
It is a simple question of Nucleophilic aromatic subsitution (SnAR) and then hydrolysis of CN .

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In the above mechanism why did CN didn't replace Br ? ..Which effects enhanced CN to follow the above mentioned mechanism ?

No idea never seen something like this


double bond character is two high hence it can replace br
br is +m group -i group but -i is dominating in case of br..
cn dont have any such effect the product is decideded acc to br..