Doubt from circuit analysis

I get extremely confused while using nodal analysis in problems like these...someone pls help me out

take x and y potential at juctions
u will get two x,y

You can simply find C effective then distribute the charge back.
Then find V across C2(V=q/c)

how u r thinking , two batteries are their neither any symmetry how u will able to find ceq??

One min sry which q he asked? I saw 115 which has only one battery😅

115 is the question

@Bhuvanitha_2020 you know how to solve by nodal analysis??

I don’t know what is meant by nodal analysis :sweat_smile:..can you explain what it is ? min

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@Bhuvanitha_2020 @Sneha_2021 pls help me with this..I am messing up with the sign of charges..

Assume currents in branch so that you can put charges on plates.
If you want calc part you can ask

For multiple batteries you can use superposition principle.
You can study about this in net