Doubt from circle

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If L1 is perpendicular to the ray i.e L1is 45 degree then the ray retraces its path , but we want it to reflect by Ѳ anti-clockwise therefore the line L1 must be rotated by Ѳ/2 which will make the slope 45+Ѳ/2
Similarly L2 must be rotated Ѳ clockwise which will result in slope 45-Ѳ/2

Now you can match with the option (keep in mind Ѳ is not alpha)

i think angle \theta should be made from normal to line

  • isnt this should be diagram

From what i am interpreting you diagram to be:-
You have taken Ѳ between Normal and ray whereas i have taken Ѳ’ between reflected and incident ray , it hardly matters because according to you it should be 45+ Ѳ and according to me it is 45+ Ѳ’/2
And 2Ѳ=Ѳ’

i m not getting ans from it none of these please
u check it..

Which option is correct ?

b option

If the reflected ray be y=mx then the angular bisector of this line and x+y-2=0 is at distance of 2 units from (1,1). This should give the answer