Doubt from chemical p block elements

Is it d

Na it is 1

O wait h3po4 is a weak acid ..Salt hydrolises to give basic solution

A is a salt of strong acid, weak base
B is salt of weak acid, weak base
C, D are salts of strong base, weak acid
So ans is A


Option A because it will give AlCl3 + 3H2O = Al(OH)3 + 3HCl on hydrolysis.

To answer such type of questions it is necessary to find the hydrolised product
A) AlCl3 + H2O --> Al(OH)3 + HCl.
B) CH3COONH4 + H20 --> CH3COOH + NH4OH

similarly you can write the hydrolised products of other two reactions .
It is clearly visible that strong acid is formed only in (A)
Hence A is correct

The option A) will be correct as AlCl3 is a salt of strong acid and weak base,so the acidic strength of AlCl3 is more.
And for other cases,you will find all to be the salt of weak acid.