Doubt from Chemical/Ionic Equilibrium

Answer 2B

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For 2 I'm getting 4.6
Is the solution given?

Nope.What volume or concentration are you taking for 2?

Just writing simultaneous equilibriums
R1-oh+ ch3cooh<=>ch3cooR1
1-X. 1-(X+Y. ) X
Similar for r2-oh
And x/y=3/2
Then find k1=x/(1-x)(1-(x+y))

But we can't assume concentration of x and y as 1.They have given only moles I think some data is missing in question


@Ayan_Agrawal it is written that "2 moles of an equilmolar mixture" so conc of alcohols can be taken 1. I got the same ans as chirag

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Okk got it. They had considered water also

I considered water and got 2.21.
Are you getting B?

See their solution
No firstly i was getting 4.6 but after considering it is coming 3.69

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Ohh I forgot to take x+y for water. THANKS

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