Doubt from chemical equilibrium

How to solve ?

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This not doubt of chemical equilibrium its question of organic chemistry or chemical bonding

First find structure,hybridization and shape of all molecules and then find out

Out of these only bf3 is planar and also i dont know about last compound

Is the answer is 7.

Which molecules are you getting planar

BF3, CO2, SO2 and that benzene one

But co2 and so2 are linear not planar

Simple definition by me :
Linear molecule is a subset of planar molecule.
Refer this for clearance

ClF3 is also planer. Benzene is planer molecule but i don't think p-Xylene is planer. Is answer 16

Yep, 16 seems right.

BF3, ClF3, SO2,CO2 are planar. The last molecule isn't planar becoz the CH3 is sp3, and has tetrahedral geometry.

Ok thank you

How can be the answer be 16 , the max value of x + y is 16 , right?
And not molecules are planar and non polar?
@Praveen_2018 by hyperconjugation the CH3 would have sp2 hybridization, Am I wrong here?

@Gaurav_2020_3 it is multiply sign . And i want to change my answer it should be 20. para Xylene is not a polar molecule.

Yeah, my mistake.
Answer would be 20 .
@Rupantar_2021 please confirm the answer.

Can u explain further? I am not aware of such effects.

I am talking about baker nathan effect like in toluene

I had no idea that such things even existed :stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe I forgot.
Maybe you're right.

Answer is 18

Are you sure about the answer? I don't think it's right
@Shaquib , @Sharad , @Jangir please see this problem.