Doubt from chemical bonding

Question no 38

Is ans BCD ?

Only one option is correct

I think then ques is wrong @Bhuvanitha_2020 please see this

I think u r right @Achyut_2020

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Ya thats why i also thought as i was solving i came to a result where more than two possible thats why i had left unmarked later in paper

I think the answer is b. PF3.Since ClF3 (and also ZeO3 I guess)will have 2 lone pairs on equitorial position and thus will have T-shaped structure (which lies in a single vertical plane). BF3 is sp2 hybridised, so its trigonal planar.

But XeO3 is pyramidal(not planar )??

Think by bent rule

Answer is mentioned option B

You're right. XeO3 is pyramidal...sp3 with 1lp. So this should also be an answer.

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