Doubt from chemical bonding

Question no.1 and 4

Question no 24

Ques no 1 and 2

Question no 6

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1- c
4- diamagnetic

Yes it's correct but how?

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i will share u indepth concept 2s 2p mixing wait
i have in notes..

Q 24 Ist option.
You should know the proper structures to answer Q 6 . I will recommend you to draw them first by yourself. Give it a try because I struggled too in them.

  • tried to cover all coconcept related it for little theoritical i will suggest u 1 video.

For ques 24 isn't option C answer cause it have both polar &non polar bonds and isnt NH4Cl ionic

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Yeah, you are right . Option C should be correct I misunderstood the question my bad.
O - O bond is non polar and O - H bond is polar.

But the answer given is option A

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It's wrong. NH4Cl has all polar bonds.

But what about ques 6

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