Doubt from chemical bonding


Shouldn't it be AB2E2 not AB2E3 ?


It is just a misprint.


You are preparing for JEE...
You must have enough confidence to judge a misprint.

Here it must bhi AB2E2.

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I forgot to write the structure of I3- ion in my notes i know shape is linear but what is the structure here I stands for iodine


sea saw shape


For I3-
The central atom is I and the side atoms are the other 2 iodine atoms. The electron structure around the central atom will have 5 pairs of which 2 are bond pairs and other 3 are lone pairs.
5 (number of electron pairs) = (7(number of valence electrons around central atom in uncombined state) + 2(number of monovalent ions around central atom) + 1 (negative charge on the ion))/2

5 = (7 + 2 + 1)/2

The lone pairs will occupy the equatorial positions and the side atoms will take the axial position.
The geometry of the ion is Trigonal Bipyramidal and shape is linear.

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Question no 66 i think option C

should be correct answer for this question but answer key says A



Is there any tricks to rememeber structures of various compounds having bond pair and lone pair do we need to learn or there is some tricks to remember all structures and shapes?


Actually when you will have attempted a lot of practice papers then you'll find that you already remember some of the most common structures.
There is no specific trick for this and that's not required. When you know the way to find it out you'll be able to get it easily within 10 seconds.

You don't actually need to learn but keep practicing.
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Question no 8 how do we find hybridization when all atoms are different like pocl3

i want all of them
And question no 3 in this NF3 and NO3- are isostructural but BF3 AND H3O+ is not isostructural according to options


Question no 96,99,100 and 102 and 104 also