Doubt from carboxylic acids and their derivatives

Question no 1 and 2

Question no 3 and 4 and please tell the logic behind this

Question1 ka B

Yes why and question no 8 too

Question no 11 and 12

Please help @Satyendra_2019, @Shwetanshu_2018, @Bhuvanitha_2020

Question no 18 and 19 too

Question no 9 in solution it shows answer of option B but answer key says option C

Question no 10

Question no 3

Question no 8

Boiling point order
Acetamide>acetic acid>propanol>methylformate

Yea i got it please help in post 7 and 8

10ka B

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In 9 either it will form acid or acid annhydride
ketone will not form

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8-A see inductive effect

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Yes can you explain 10th what is A and B

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In final mixture both
A and B will be prsent

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What about in post 5 and 6 ?

18b 19c