Doubt from carboxylic acid


b option heating effect amide

Answer given is a

can u post clear picture not able to see reagent

a should be correct i think but really tough to see question hofman bromamide rexn ignore post2

@Shaaz_2021 can you share me the answer key of Ai2ts 7

It will vary with set. I have key of set A.

I have too set A please share

Its clear now.

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hoffman bromamide rexn a will be correct because replacement nh2 at last step talking about mechanism depend upon base
a is correct

@Shaaz_2021 how much you got in Ai2ts ?

Not so good.98 What about you?

I got 87

Can anyone share ai^2 ts paper?

Hints & Solutions.pdf (444.6 KB) Ai²TS-7_Class-XII_A.pdf (778.7 KB)
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Just joking. Could be applicable to those who are really...

Can you also post that mains paper :sweat_smile: