Doubt from capacitors

Question no 5 and 7

Please help anyone

Similar to this (You can check thread jee main 2020 experience)

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In question 20 first part in third diagram why do we taking 6 and 6 pair as in series why 6,6 and 2micro farad capacitors are not in series?

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Ok thank you

Question no 23 i couldn't understand their solution so confused in their solution

Question no 2 and 6

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Why in question no 6 option C is correct not option B

Because the energy drawn from the source will be 3CE2 but half of this energy is lost as heat and half is stored as electric energy in capacitor

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Question no 15

i got D

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Yes correct thank you

Question no 8 i got confused in reforming circuit how did it reformed in final in which only C1 and C2 is mentioned

In question 7 when switch is open are C1 and C2 in series or parallel ? Please tell anyone

I am abled to solve when switch is open but couldn't get it when it is closed please help