Doubt from capacitors

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Find C_{eq}

Is the answer zero for the second question ? Because the circuit is short circuited

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Answer is 20

Answer is not matching but i have tried...

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@Satyendra_2019 from where did you get the question in the post#2 ?!
Because I’m pretty sure that it should be 0 , then circuit is clearly short circuited and it is very clear that current will flow directly from A to B and A and B are equi potential points and hence Ceq=0


FIITJEE AITS(2019) @Shwetanshu_2018

@Satyendra_2019 don’t they provide solutions to these questions ?
I you’ll get the solution pdf then do post the solution of this question .


The solution for post#1 is already given and for question in the post #2 my answer is still 0.
Is the solution key out now ? If yes , then do post the solution given for that question , we’ll look into it

Post#1 solution does not match any options

Isn’t option D (none of these ) the correct answer?

No ans given is A option @Shwetanshu_2018