Doubt from Capacitors


Assuming this is somehow charged, where did the other half of the energy go if there is no resistor to dissipate the heat?
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Had this same doubt.I tried searching it on internet and can't find much the one I found claimed that heat is dissipate in surroundings etc.

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Did you give this test?

Btw how is it even being charged?
We need a resistor for the current to flow initially right?


Is this mypat when was this test?


Some bitsat test , yes mypat


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Lol. Same here. One of my teachers actually gave this as a question, and now I don't remember what he gave as the reasoning. However, I dont think I was convinced by it (and that probably why I forgot it as well :joy:)


We don't necessarily need a resistor here as battery is working as an external agent for the capacitor by pulling some charge from one plate and delivering it to the other plate.


@Chirag_Hegde that heat loss is the heat loss in resister ,then tend limit to 0 ,


From my coaching teacher I came to know that as electrons move with very high speeds they lose energy as heat(so even if resistor is not present heat is lost as electrons move in conductor with very high speeds)
I found this convincing so I shared:)


As told by my physics teacher:
Due to potential difference until capacitor becomes completely charged electrons accelerate to the capacitor and this acceleration of charge produces EM Waves thus this energy is consumed in formation of EM waves and thus also heat loss

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