Doubt from calculus

Question no 14 of previous year wbjee question

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Question no 17 too

17)Use D. I as limit of a sum...
14)Use L'Hopital's...
13)Even/odd properties of the given fns.. (second term vanishes for it is an odd fn..)

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try to change limit
\lim x\rightarrow 0 \dfrac{\int_{y}^{x+y} e^{sin^2t} dt} {x}
now easy i think now lebniz or hospital both r same use nd get ans

done before in forum by arush sir

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Thank you

Actually in 13th question was there that
A)I=independent of lamda
B)I=Independent of mu
C) Depends on all constants
D)Cant be said

Independent of mu

I got it i had given wbjee on 2nd February paper was easier than mains but one question was maths was very lengthy,second one question in both physics and chemistry had same two options for one question that was correct so i have a doubt will i get marks or not ? @Shwetanshu_2018 bhaiya please tell

Around 10 to 15 questions were repeated from last year papers