Doubt from Biomolecules

Q 7 I think the answer shold be c but it's d
Q 4 I want some suggestions how to do these type of question, what is z here.

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Zwitter ion is a dipolar ion. This ques is directly based on theory.

It should be D for 7 as net charge is zero,and is neutal


If that is zwitter ion then how can we form Phe - Ala. From where H2O will be released.


Ia ans for 15 A?


See it says L so there are two options left A,D now on oxidation there is plane of symmetry in D so it is inactive so and in A it is active on oxiadtion
Is ans D for 39?

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It's C for Q 39

I think that only 4 and 6 has C1-C4 glycosidic linkage so they are reducing sugar so they react with Ag so the answer is c

Well in solution manual it only mentions Aldehyde give in open chain form.

Need help in option c and d

Is the ans for c is q,s
And for d is p,r

As far as I remember tollen regent react with hemiacetal (for this question) .
And it is present in 4 and 6 only.

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@Achyut_2020 yes your answers are right.
In finding R Or S : you have followed CIP rule right?
But how to find D or L I have forgot that concept

Yes by that rule , i know that R->D and S->L. I as told that R is same as D and S is same as L

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I misread bro. Q.4 and 7. Sorry.