Doubt from Biomolecules

Ans is 4


Also this

Its B?

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Its multiple correct answer is abcd

I think in A, it reduces it first to alcohol and then condensation


And in B and D, nh3 molecule will be removed.
And c is Hoffman bromaide degradation. So first all amides are reduex to amines and then condensation


Can you attempt the 1st que

Not getting
Where you get this


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Can someone try the 1st question?

Peptides IV, VI, VIII, IX will be positive at pH = 7. More the number of amino groups greater the positive charge at pH= 7


Tysm! I was considering amides as well.

Can anyone explain

why would the amines exist as NH3(+)? In neutral medium they shouldn't get protonated.

More the number of amino group, more basic your peptide. More basic the peptide would mean that pI or the peptide is greater than 7. Hence at pH of 7, the peptide would be in protonated form.
Eg, Arginine would be positively charged at pH=7

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