Doubt from binomial theorem

In this expansion of (1+x)^n i have a doubt that in important points section it is written that if n=not a natural number then there are infinite terms but if i put n=0 i get only one term i.e 1 ?

In exercise 1 iiird b part i have a doubt in this T4 and T5 are middle terms but I am getting T5 as 280/x^2 but answer key says 280x^2 which is correct please tell T4 i am getting same as answer key

Yes for your first answer is correct
They should have said whole number or 0+Natural number

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In exercise 2 question 2 i am getting coefficient as -165×7^8×5^3 but answer key says 440/9×7^8×5^3 please tell who is correct?


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Got same as yours
T_4=11_{C_3} 7^8×5^3

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I got my mistake thank you can you help in exercise 2 circled question

For second your answer is correct I posted it already.

Oh thanks.

Question 1 please help in writing General term of this question i am not able to understand to simplify powers like is it log ka underroot ya whole ka underroot ?

But i think you missed 5th root in second term.

I used it as 1\5 *5=1

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Oh sorry i got it 5th root and 5th power will get cancelled.

Question 13 and 14

Please help anyone



Question 3 second part and question 10

What's the answer for Q3
Is it 1