Doubt from atomic structure

My doubt: The ans is A,B which I got but in 4th option is incorrect because it is single electron atom .....if it were multi electron atom like He ...then can fourth option be correct answer?(Due to repulsion from inner electrons the net nuclear attraction on the electron is less )?


Ncert are so important :sweat_smile:

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@Bhuvanitha_2020 Can you please explain the D option.i am having difficulty in understanding it

It means the net attractive force experienced by electron towards nucleus (net nuclear charge experienced meaning)

In single electron atom the electrons gets attracted to nucleus of 2e charge .
So the force it experience is not less than the force between +2e and -e. So d is false.

But if it was not single electron atom the net attractive force it would have experienced be less that the force between +2e and -e.

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As inner electrons push back the electron the net force toward nucleus is less