Doubt from aromaticity

Can someone pls lay out the conditions necessary for determining aromaticity in structures with multiple rings?

  • attest one ring should aromatic the whole system will be aromatic
  • only count outer most double bond..
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Try to search for any one ring that satisfies the condition of aromaticity, in case of multiple rings

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Pls explain @Sneha_2021 @Shwetanshu_2018
Ans is (b) option

hunds rule voilation 4n+2 electron hence b is anti aromatic..
d option u may be doubting hence carbon ring greater then equal to 7 will be non aromatic if
its forming anti aromatic too..

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@Sneha_2021 are you sure that 7 member will become non planar or you went on with it to justify the answer ?!
Because from what i know , loss in planarity to avoid anti aromaticity happens from 8 member ring onwards .
This example is indeed given in many places as an example of anti aromatic compound