Doubt from Aromatic substitution

According to official key answer is 4..
But why it can't be 1 as Benzyne mechanism and Aromatic substitution reaction also called as elimination- addition reaction
I am confused between option 1 and 4 ...can anyone explain How to judge these type of question

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is it hoffman's degradation reaction?

Look one possible explanation could OCH3 has lone pairs at O will be be donated to the Benzene ring thus increasing electron density at ortho and para position. NH2- being a nucleophile will face repulsion at these two sites so it will preferable undergoing substitution at the meta position where the electron density is comparatively less.

If you try to draw the resonance contributing structures of the benzene ring attached to the electron-donating group ( activating group), you will notice that the partial negative ( electron density) will be distributed on the ortho and para. As a result, the electron density on the ortho and para are higher than meta, so when the amino group is attached to the benzene ring, it will favor attaching to lower electron density since it's a base which is attracted to the positive charge rather than negative. Therefore it will connect to the meta position rather than the high electron density ortho and para

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