Doubt from aromatic compound

What temperature do we have to assume if nothing is mentioned.
Like 3 question. Answer is D

Also 7 question.
Answer is B

Help @Shwetanshu_2018 @Bhuvanitha_2020 @Samarth_2020

For 7th reaction is fridel craft acylation

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Q3)I think answer should be p-xylene since CH3 Is o/p director.

Yes correct

Actually for question 3 we need to see first which will form stable carbocation as rearrangement also takes place to form more stable carbocation with Alcl3


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Here it’s just Ch3Cl , so simply there is no scope for rearrangement

Sorry , but I don’t find any reason as to why it should be meta , Ch3 is o/p directing , so even if temp is increased, why will meta be the favoured product .

Dont know the logic. Sir gave this in notes

I cannot confirm with sir as this is past years notes where i dont go to.
What is your opinion at this @Shwetanshu_2018 should i accept this or o/p one

Also 17 one. Answer oa B

17th should be B because there is 3 alpha hydrogen in this case , and in other cases it is less than 3

If it is something that is taught by your teacher and it is also given in the book then it must be correct , but still I’ll confirm it once through some books/sources and will let you know

@Shwetanshu_2018 a last doubt why do we consider alpha H here and not the fact that tertiary stabilises rong more

For this , let’s understand 1st that why Alkyl groups are o/p directing

I.e it is o/p because of Hyperconjugation and hence we see no of alpha hydrogen

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What your teacher told you is correct , although I didn’t find any reason for it , but still thanks for teaching me something new .

And you need not worry , because such questions are never asked in jee

As heat is mentioned therefore temp must be above room temp , and above room temp , as you notes suggests ,meta should be major

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Thanks a lot for helping me @Shwetanshu_2018

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