Doubt from area

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Is it B?

Its C

Answer is B also given in answer key

Actually the question number is 42

Accha.. its a ques from my friend so i don't know he said it was C ... please tell your approach .. @Bharat_2020

idk whether its exactly right ,but.....
Take out intervals where sinx+cosx are negative and positive
Then use m(b-a)< ∫f(x)dx<M(b-a) m and M are the least and max value of f(x) in the interval [a,b]
U should get an approx ans .
Take this ans with a pinch of salt. I may be wrong


a hint use \dfrac{1}{3 \pi} < \dfrac{1}{x} < \dfrac{1}{\pi}

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Bro thora aur hint dedo .. @Ajay_2020_1

@Ajay_2020_1 is telling this