Doubt from area

Question 1 first and fifth part


For 5th simply consider the parameter of that point to be t and find the area by normal and tangent and equate them , you’ll get the value of t

How to find area of 4y=|x^2-4| and y+|x|=7 i plot the graphs and did some working but got wrong answer i cant upload image of my working as i have net issue right now

Pls check...

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Wait i am solving step by step for understanding...

I got this sorry for this late post but problem with my internet that i couldn't reply to earlier post i am confused about finding area

In Question 5 i have plot all the graphs but one thing i got in my mind that the circle will not play any role in finding area even if i remove the circle area will be same

x=-sqrt(y) means x must be negative.


Then how graph will be plot

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How to draw graphs for 15th i got (pi/6,root3) as intersection point

Ok i got it please help with question 14

@abhijit_2020 Add the two areas to get the final answer.

Ask if any doubt. :slight_smile:

Answer is wrong your answer is coming to be (-3/2) which is not possible area cant be negative and answer is 7/6 sq units

Please help anyone

I am getting 7/6 .
How you are getting -3/2 ?
Check your calculations.