Doubt from application of derivative


question 50...


i m getting k=3 but really dnt have any answer...


AITS Sneha ?


may be my friend asked me.


Yes k = 3 Sneha




Expanding the integral and differentiate ,set it to zero and get the maxima or minima condition


i dnt think it will work i hve tried it before wrt to which u r going to diffrenciate...


Well its works wait I will share


Sneha, also what was your approach ?


plz explain a=2times wala concept..


I will explain , can u show ur method too?


if fx is monotonous functionin (a,b) then area bounded by y=f(x) x=a to x=b is minimum will occur at c=a+b/2...a nd b r limit of function..


plz explain this work how u thought it..


Well I am not getting what u r saying : see how by a+b/2 minimizes area?

will not area be constant actually ??


For explanation see this :

. and pls share your way Sneha , I am not getting that thing u r saying ( will.not area be actually constant )??


why u go for f inverse x why not by fx u cant get min value..


Well the wanted area is easy to get in terms of inverse . u can try by f(x) as well Sneha but we want value of k , f inverse gives it directly . ( Share ur way Sneha )



Now got it. , previously u didn't right y= f(c) there Sneha .