Doubt from alkyl halides

Question no 5 and 7

Is the answer D for 7th?

For 5th
is it like this ?

Answer for 7th is option c mentioned and answer for 5th is mentioned i have uploaded i think its same as you have given

I got my mistake I am uploading the solution

  1. On dehydrohalogenation E2 is followed .
  2. A and B are rejected as 2 methyl butane is not formed on adding H2.
  3. D is not the answer as 3 degree carbon is there and it may follow SN1 and form different products.Means E2 is difficult here.
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Please ask someone else for 7th one @abhijit_2020
I just read this up a little

Which negates my 3 rd point.

By direct option elimination we can say C is the answer

Why not D? @Achyut_2020

In D there is straight chain of 5 carbons

No according to iupac there are 4 straight chain carbons and one substituted at second position

There are only 4 carbons in chain

I think the answer is according to setzeff product or Hoffman product stability

@Shwetanshu_2018 bhaiya you tell

Sorry for that i wrote in a hurry..

Also in C the Cl is in terminal position so there will be only one product but in D there can be two products so C is final answer

Question no 5 second and third part

This is how we are supposed to solve it , if options are not given