Doubt from Alkyl halides

I am really Confused in this. I Have read that tge stability order of carbocation is 3>benzyl>allyl

In question 4,the answer is C which is correct according to above data.
But in 5, answer is D. I am really confused here why is allyl given more preference.
Also 4 asked about rapidity and 5 reactivity.
How are they different.

Help @Shwetanshu_2018 sir, @Shaquib sir

4 answer Is C because carbocation is more stable as carbocation undergo 3 time resonance with benzene.

@Shaquib he is asking for q5) not q4 )

@Ayush_2020_3 the order you have said is a bit incorrect it is benzyl>Allyl>3 degree in general
With an exception that tert butyl>Benzyl

Here at first glance it seems that option d is correct but thinking w.r.t the exception that tert butyl>Benzyl it seems that option A should be correct .

I think option A should be rather correct

Yeah I thought the same. But answer is D.
Does this have to do with rapidity or reactivity difference? @Shwetanshu_2018

No, reactivity and rapidity are same i.e rate of reaction
Also rds is formation of carbocation and then attack of H2O is not in rds so I don’t think steric crowding will play any role

See what I know resonance factor is more dominating than hyper conjugation.

@Shaquib which among these do you think should be more stable ?

First one because it has more no of resonance

@Shaquib exactly !
So you are saying that benzyl carbocation is more stable than the carbocation at allylic position of cyclohexene

And it is know that tert butyl C+ is more stable than benzyl C+ and hence

Tert butyl C+ should be more stable than carbocation at allylic position of cyclohexene

Correct me if I am wrong resonance factor dominant over hyper conjugation.
But this is exceptional case. Benzyl carbocation is less stable. this answer is more clear regarding stability of carbocation.

@Shaquib yes , now that’s correct
@Ankith_2020 there’s one thing that’s wrong there , it is written that 3 degree > 1 benzylic
It is not so
Benzylic > all 3 degree except tert butyl C+
So benzylic > 3 degree
With an exception :- tert buytl> benzylic

Thanks sir

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