Doubt from aldehydes and ketones

Question no 12,13 and 14

Question no 24 and 25 too and what is Keq

Is the answer for 24 is D and for 25 is A? Keq =concentration of product by concentration of reactant

And for 12 B?

For 14 B i mole pcl5 and 2 mole nanh2

Yes all correct please upload working

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For q 25 ,same as 24 see NO2 is a strong withdrawing group so making it easy for attack similarly you can compare others with there resonance and inductive effects

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For q 13 is the C ie 3

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Keq is equilibrium constant

Question no 37 and 38

I think
LiAlH4 is a strong nu and hence will reduce all 3 functional group
NaBH4 is weaker Nu and hence will reduce only strong electrophile and hence should reduce 2 of them

Question no 41 and 42 in 42 isn't it form azomethines but answer is C in answer key

With similar logic to Q37 you can solve q 38 also

Yes correct

Sorry answer is mentioned 42 is option e

Please help in 41 and 42 @Shwetanshu_2018

42 )