Doubt from alcohols

Question no 6 and 8

Question no 2

It will become anti aromatic

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Question no 8 what is haloform test for alcohols

this type of compound in alchols show haloform test there fore B is answer @abhijit_2020

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CORRECT ans of q 8 is B

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Question no 8 from my point of view answer should be option A but answer key says option B why

Grignord reagent give 1,4 nucleophilic substitution in the presence of Cu(+1)due to hard soft acid base concept

There for correct answer is option B

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Question no 1


Which ones ? and why

Allylic ones

MnO2 is mild oxidizing agent and it oxidize allylic and Benzylic alcohol in to corresponding aldehyde

Question no 1 more than 1 option is correct

Compound 2,3 and 5

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Yes thank you yours are correct

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A,B and D