Doubt from alcohols

Question no 3 and 8

Q.3 is HBO (sterochemistry) directly.

In Q.5, CH3- will attack carbonyl carbon, H3O+ will form alcohol, then H2SO4 will cause dehydration, then OsO4 will cause syn dihydroxylation (keep in mind stero of product).

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I asked question 3 and 8th in 3rd i am confused about rearrangement

Question no 7 and 9 please help with these and earlier questions @Shwetanshu_2018 bhaiya

Question no 1

Please help with these questions @Sneha_2021

Is ans 4>3>1>2?

For 7, I think it follow e2 mechanism and 9th is lucas test

7 c 9 a

dehydration is directly proportional to stabilty of carbocation formed

7 dehydrating agent ring expansion c option

#9 3^\circ carbocation will be formed

Yes please explain reason behind this

In 4th,aromatic compound will form, in 3rd carbocation formed in allylic position and in 2nd carbocation is in vinylic position so least tendency to dehydrate

What's the answer for 7th qns

C option but how ring expansion will take please show u forget little bit

No rearrangement in HBO, dude.

Ok and one more question Reaction of Phenols with aldehyde is a type of aldol reaction?

I have only studied the reaction of phenoxide ion with aldehyde. It was Laderer reaction. It's not aldol.

Can you please send the mechanism or product notes. Never heard of name before