Doubt from acidic and basic strength

But @Shaquib wouldn't there be a hydrogen bond between H and O of nitro group which will decrease it's acidic character.

See what your saying is absolutely right but there is one difference
We consider h- Bonding when we have to tell acidic strength between ortho/ para position.

Apart from this we will consider only electron withdrawing property of NO2.

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Ohh thanks @Shaquib

Question no 2 and question 3 b part


It is of which question and please show reasoning too

The answer posted by @Shaquib is of q2 and here the reason

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For q2 is the given answer is 1>4>2>5>3 ?!
Because i think in case of aniline due to SIP rule the basic strength of ortho substituted aniline decreases

Answer given by shakib is same as given in answer key

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Okay , then just see the explanation given in post#27 and ignore post#28

What about question 3 b part

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Question 3 and 4 with reasoning too


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Q4 see lone availability

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Question 4 and 6


Not clearly visible please upload again

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