Does solving HC Verma help in JEE Main and Advanced?


Does solving HC Verma help in Mains and advanced ???????????>?

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Yea, it sure helps a lot. Many concepts used in the mains and some of the advanced are some times directly from the HCV and also you can find almost all the concepts covered in the HCV if you solve all the questions.


Yes it helps. Mostly these days dc pandey is very much in the trend for JEE physics practice. But that gives you application portion and practice nicely. But for getting a good base and a good hold on concepts going with hc verma is a good choice. Its questions will make you really think through the concepts so yes its advisable doing it.


Definitely yesss

HC Verma is one of the best books when it comes to Physics. Your concept clarity changes to a new level once you solve it's problems. The problems given in the book actually make you think and apply the concept properly.
It teaches you not to forget small important information failing which might lead to a wrong answer.

All the best for your preparation


Definitely yes.
HC VERMA is one of the best books when it comes to JEE MAINS and ADVANCED as most of the conceptual questions are covered in the book.In order to extract most out of it you should jump to the problems only after you are thorough with the theory and solved examples.However there are some of the additional topics so make sure you cover only what is in the syllabus.


Yes, solving hc Verma helps in both Jee mains and advanced. It has ample number of questions from which you can practice, and every question is conceptual, so you will get to learn concepts also.
Apart from hc Verma, do previous year Jee problems also.
It will help you a lot


Yes! HC verma is the Bible of physics for jee aspirant. The hardwork put in by verma sir behind this book is commendable. This book is the base for every advanced physics questions you'll face in your coming future ,as an engineering aspirant. Completing each and every question of various chapters will let you one step ahead of every other aspirant. I would advise everyone to go through this book thoroughly, solving each questions for better grasp of concepts and better understanding of problems in near future. Thanks :').


Hello @Rabindranath_Das,
Definitely doing Concept of Physics by Dr. HC Verma helps you to prepare for JEE Mains as well as advanced. The book comprises of all the basic concepts require to solve any JEE question. It also covers almost all variety of questions in a topic to clear conceptual doubts in your mind. The theory of book is also good to spend time on and when it comes to the multiple choice questions in book they are extremely awesome.
All the best!!!