Does anyone have the pdf of shashi Bhushan tiwari part 1 mechanics?

Does anyone have the pdf of shashi Bhushan tiwari part 1 mechanics?

I don’t think it’s available in pdf format !

Here you go


@Shwetanshu_2018 I had a query regarding this book, Is it better than irodov?

@sonu_2020 I personally feel that it is very much relevant in terms of questions and has good quality of problems...I am currently using part 2 and I think it's better than irodov.


@sonu_2020 when it comes to relevance of this book with respect to irodov then I personally think that this book has great collection of new questions which are in syllabus of jee
Irodov is not a book that was designed for jee, so we can’t expect it to have everything according to the syllabus and pattern of the exam , the only thing that is good about irodov is that it has a great collection of problems that overall enhances the ability of a student by pre exposing them to some great questions
When it comes to sashi bhushan tiwari Sir’s book then it has both the elements i.e it is according to syllabus also and it has some really tough problems .
Also most of the questions of irodov are now very common to find in different sources , but the question in this book seems completely new .
Also the solution given in this book is very good , unlike most of the books these days which have short , partially explained solution , this book contains solutions with extremely good explanations .

So if you want a book with good set of questions for advanced then you can surely go for this book


There is also a specific mechanics book available.. should I go for that or the problem book after HC Verma. (Btw, this book is slowly gaining popularity)

Topic wise book of by him is in it’s initial stages i.e explanation is great but few topics are missing so basically it will be one of the best books after few revisions but for now you can go with cengage or dcp for topic wise book , but if you need only question then the 2 books by sashi bhushan tiwari sir is great ! And it has ample of questions , so you would be rather running out of time while trying to complete it .
So stick with the materials you are following now , and if you need some great problem set you can but the 2 books which are meant basically for adv.

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I am now following only HC Verma, doing every questions. Moreover, I can't go with either DC or Cengage (which are very exhaustive). As there is time constraint,after HC can i directly go for the problem book.
Is there any additional theory requirements apart from HC Verma?

If you are so much constrained then rather go for cengage only . And then use those 2 books for revision purpose .

Hcv is not adequate if you are aiming for advanced .
Cengage contains all the required theory + important question of hcv and pretty much everything required for adv

I have done hc verma upto circular motion. So should i consider buying bm sharma mechanics 1? Can I proceed with the rest of the series?

You can proceed with rest of the series but it would be better if you’ll buy mec -1 also and slowly try to finish it up parallel to the ongoing syllabus

Can you also share part 2

Ok.. I will buy the series and use hcv for revision.
Thanks for your advice
I can share part 2

After completing cengage you won’t require hcv instead use sashi bhushan tiwari Sir’s book for revision , if you’re aimimh for advanced

Ok... but i think the revision part should be kept at the end of preparation. So can I buy the Tiwari sirs book after finishing cengage?

Yes you can ! :blush:

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