Does any body have pdf of solution book of problem plus by Asit Das Gupta?


Does any body have pdf of solution book of problem plus by asit das gupta

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Are you talking about this book?


If this is the book you are asking for, then i must say that you cannot get a free solution manual for it. See, all the big authors and good books have their copyrights and so, they do not open source their solutions or even the original content. So I don't think you can get one. I'm posting some discussions over the same on quora, hope you find it useful. You need to pay for solution manuals, if there is any solution manual for this book.

Do let me know if you have any further queries.


Das Gupta has not published the solution of this book. May be any third party published the solution of that book. This book contain a lot of super advance level subjective problem so you can't deny the fact that a lot of error will be in soln if published by third party.

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Do you need the solution of the book or the book ? @Ankur_2020
I guess Googling will work

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No bro, its not available anywhere, I tried a lot to find one for him.
For both solution manual and the book, he will have to pay anyway.

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Is there any solution manual available after paying. If yes then please provide the link .I want to buy that one.

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Here's the book ... I don't know if the book is same or not since they have just provided the Word files ... I got it from Google itself about 4-5 months back I suppose !
01_Progressions, Related Inequalities adn Series.docx (364.8 KB)
07_Matrices.docx (105.2 KB)
05_Determinants and Cramer_s Rule.docx (125.7 KB)
04_Permutationa and Combination.docx (82.6 KB)
06_Binomial Theorem for Positve Integral Index.docx (151.1 KB)
02_Equation, Inequation and Expression.docx (220.8 KB)
08_Some Additional Topics.docx (243.1 KB)
03_Complex Numbers.docx (330.6 KB)

There's more to this let me know if you want it ... I will upload the whole book then @Ankur_2020


This is not that book.

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Yeah,had the doubt that it wasn't ! It appeared to be some class sheets.
But anyways I never opened the documents... Just had downloaded on being recommended by a friend!


This is MCQ book by asit das gupta, i need solution of problem plus which is another book by same author.



I haven't personally checked up the link by signing in or so, but after searching many places, i found a very common link that is spread out everywhere and I'm posting it here for you, do let me know if it was helpful.


The book is too interesting to find solutions for it try to solve the questions and clear your doubts from your teachers you won't enjoy it until you do so


The PDF doesn't contain any book. It is just a order receipt.


This book is published by Bharati bhavan ....after getting sample copy from the publisher ...they told me they do not give permission to give any one or third party to get solution manual for this authentic book .

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