Do we have to appear for improvement in all subjects as I am dropping an year for JEE and got 72 percent?


I have got just 47 in Maths and I read somewhere that you have to appear for all subjects improvement for JEE. And if I have to appear for only one or two subjects then what about the practicals. And someone also told me that I have to present both the marksheets for JEE counselling.


No, it's not necessary to appear in all subjects for giving improvement exam. Cbse will give you a new marksheet carrying the marks of the subject you have given improvement in. So, you can properly focus and give your time to Jee.

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And regarding practical exams, you need not to give practicals once again, your previous year practical marks will be considered this year too.


To be very clear, you do not need to appear for every paper's exam. Just appear for the subjects in which you want to improve your score. Regarding practicals, they won't be taken again. Your original practical marks will be counted.
However, at the time of JEE counselling you have to provide your original as well as new marksheet which you can issue from your school after a month of result deceleration.