Did I take a wrong decision by opting for dummy school?


Hey guys i am in a big trouble let me tell my full story in 10th standard i thought of going to kota but unfortuntely due to some reasons i could not go there then i felt a lot of depression. I decided to take a dummy school from my hometown and started my class 11th syballus on my own. I used to listen unacademy jee live youtube channel lectures. My father told me a no. Of times to take the local coaching but i was interested in all that now tomorrow is my dummy school half yearly exam but my syballus is incomplete and i have no courage to tell my father that i can't give the exam I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO


No brother dont be depressesd its jst a half yearly......jst calm down and rather than thinking the demerits of dummy go to the positive side ..that u have a lot or can say entire day for ur self study......and also ur desicion seems good of not goining to local coaching....its betyr you do self study ....
But jst want to recommend something that......personally dont feel unacademy lectures of youtube upto the jee level...means u cant solely rely on them.......
in my opinion you should Follow etoos lectures of NV sir ,NJ sir ,RRD sir,etc.....they are too god...
and also since all is in your hand so try to maintain regularity.....the key of self study......


What's done is done. Just give the exam tomorrow, try maintaining a positive attitude.

After you are through this, join any local coaching asap. Seeing people around studying the same thing motivates you to pick up the same mundane things everyday. That sense, that face of competition is really important.

If you are really bothered by these half yearly, talk with your family, it's no use taking advice from strangers online, if you can't hold the courage to talk about your problems with your own family.

Plus, it's a dummy school only at the end of the day, right? Who cares what result you get in class 11 th half yearlies, plus, when your teachers can't bother you about it, even if they want to?


Believe me you have done the correct thing by taking admission in a dummy school ,I study in a regular school and managing the attendance is hectic at least you have ample time to study also the class 11 half yearly result really does not matter , many of my friends who are in dummy schools even avoided giving the half yearly examination the school cannot penalize you for not giving it yet you should give it. Try giving your best in the examination and don't be demoralized


Okay I will tell you something about myself :
I was in integrated coaching.
In 11th I scored about 70% in my college even though the college papers being mcqs during half yearly exam.
In 12th Mock Boards, I scored around 50%,
Does it matter ? Hell no.
Nobody ever is going to ask you 11th marks. Even 40% will do. Just make sure you have good marks in JEE Mocks.
And in 12th Boards, I got around 92%
Look these mock schools and 11th/12th marks are really useless. Okay you need to score in 12th Boards. But don't worry about boards from now... you have one and a half year. Just focus on your preparation and get marks in JEE Mocks. They alone will help you get better college.
Also, I suggest you to join a local coaching or maybe some reputed one like Allen, etc.
One last thing, tell your parents and show them your hard work, they will definitely back you up !


Don't be worried about your half yearly exams, as in most of the dummy schools these papers aren't even checked.
But you have to see that you do well in studies, you should join a test series atleast if you aren't going to coaching Institute,as that will track your progress and make a schedule for studying and follow that and always stay happy and stressed free.


Hi @Raghuveer_2021,
There is no wrong decision in opting for dummy school for your 11th and 12th. Since you are not going to school now, you have more time to dedicate to study. And study does means like at least 7-8 hours self study other than coaching or live lectures. And if you solely dedicate those 7-8 hours or more to self study than definitely you won't face any difficulty. You have to plan your course syllabus that this much portion is to finished within this much period of time or if you wish I can help you with it. Definitely there must have been some error due to which you faced such an issue. But as of now you are facing it so it becomes more important to resolve it as soon as possible and prepare for future so no such problem occurs. On your end you have to have idea that the syllabus has to completed by this much time. Of course you won't know it well, so I could help you to make a schedule of whole IITJEE syllabus for you and if you stick to it, than this kind of problem won't occur again. And from now on you need to have time management because it is most requuired when you target to crack IITJEE exam. And frankly speaking half yearly exams doesn't matter at all, what matters the most is the 12th board exams.
If you need any more help feel free to contact.