Did anyone give AIEESE (Secondary) exam?

what is your score? i think answer key is declared

check ques no 112 option A and D are same!!!!What to do now?

Is our response sheet available?

nope...only answer key

btw, how much u are getting (estimated)??

I am just waiting for the results...

why did they removed the answer key? any idea?

Don’t know and they have shifted the result date to 4th August.


what is ur result?

i think they are big frauds......i was getting 92% and now in score card they showing only 81%

72% really they r fraud. I was expecting more.

What scholarship are you eligible into? Did you see their counselling fees. It is Rs. 5000

they are fraud demading 5000 as counselling fees and then telling we will provide you refunded after deducing our processing charge if do not want to take admission in alloted college

52% , Did you guys have seen there answer key around 15-20 question were incorrect.

In counselling letter of you guys they are showing aieese secondary or primary?

Yes I too also noticed that


Which scholarship are you eligible in? @darshil_2020 @Harsh_2020_1

Standard Laptop , what abt u?