Did anyone give AIEESE (Secondary) exam?

Please tell if anyone had given AIEESE examination today. While I was attempting to login I was given an error and told to give the examination on 29th July. Please let me know if anyone has the same issue.

One of my friend is giving right now


bro, i gave the exam on 27th . Did not went that good as i was expecting because , some question are wrong and some are misprint

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How was the level of examination?

Level was a lot easier than jee mains.

all the best,bro.after exam tell me how many question did you attempt?

Mine was too tough I think for me. Time was simply insufficient. There were advanced level question And some were previous year advance question too. How many questions did u attempt?

Well ,the paper was way tougher than the sample ones......total attempted = 179

Yes it was tougher. @darshil_2020 how many questions have u attempted

My attempt are less(122) as I had wasted a lot time in solving some questions were answered does not match especially on question which were incorrect

Did you guys applied for any other scholarship?
I have applied for aiysee and aisee .

nope....as i found only this one to be legitimate

I too have only applied for AIEESE only.

when will the answer key come out ?any idea




i contacted them today.....they arent sure of uploading it today

Ohk I was just telling you from the information that has been provided on their website.