Conceptual doubt from isomerism

My doubt is how many products are formed . As we can see that two products formed are diastereomers so .no of products is 2 or we will count the chiral centers as well which would make the no.of product 4 and if we count chiral centre of both molecules then no.of product will be 8. Which is right : HOW MANY PRODUCT WOULD BE FORMED OPTIONS
(A) 2 (B) 4 (C)8

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I think 8

Bro reason do .bro this question is solved my friend told ans will be 4 only and only 1 structure chiral is counted .thanks @abhijit_2020

Sorry bro 4 is only correct answer. Relationship is m=2n where m is no of possible isomers and n is no of chiral centres.

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Basically 8 was like we are counting optical isomers also which is wrong. I just checked it.

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