Can we choose our reporting centre for JoSSA?


Can we choose our reporting centre for JoSSA?
Or are we assigned the JEE Adv Zonal Centre?
@arush_2019 @Supreeta_2019


Yes we can choose any


Ok bro thanks. Was getting confused cuz an external site said "designated center".

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Also is it necessary to go with parents ????


Nah, only you will go inside with the documents


Only you're going to be allowed to go inside
But safety ke liye take one person, in case managing the documents becomes tough

And @Viram_2019 for IITs you can go to any IIT. Not necessarily your zonal one

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If you get a seat in any of the nits ,you have to choose a nit from the list they provide. You,have your own choice of selecting any nit/iiit/gfti. If you get any iit, then you have to choose any iit.


Hello, yes you are allowed to choose your reporting centre for IITs among any of the 23 IITs and you are allowed to go with your parents.Seating arrangements are made for them but they are not allowed to accompany for the document verification.